All our presenters say this is the most rewarding thing they participate in during the year, and why so many want to go again, year after year.

If you have any relationship with a college on the list in Pa, we would like to hear of your interest to present for us. Events tend to be in April or May of the year. ROTC staff will be happy to help you know what is needed and when your part in the event is. It is usually a simple hand-off and shake hands, and pose for a photo either during or after the ceremony.


We would also like to recognize Sam Hoff who handled this monumental project for PA and the General Society for several years previously. We would also like to remember a long-time member who handled this program for many years before Sam. Stacey Wood was a hard working gentleman and he kept this program going for years. Our thanks to both men.

NOTE: This site serves Pennsylvania ONLY. If you are from any other state, please E-mail

Col Pollock is ready to assist you in receiving our award.


 PA 1812 can provide the full award packet. Use our CONTACT US page to send a message, or reply to our message of greeting we send early in the new year.

The award is a medal, ribbon and certificate. The medal is provided and paid for by the PA sub-group. Ribbon is paid for by the National, but it will come with the medal sent from PA. The certificate is still a downloadable item, but PA will have a file to give you so you may customize and print it.


The criteria for our award are:

Persons who are selected by the local ROTC unit commander from cadets/midshipmen meeting the following criteria:


1. Possessing sophomore student status.


2. Possessing a grade point average placing them in the top twenty percent of their class.


3. Rank in the top ten percent of the class in academic ROTC studies.


4. Rank in the top ten percent in aptitude for the Armed Forces.


5. Have encouraged and demonstrated the ideals of Americanism by deed or conduct or both.


I am told if you have multiple ROTC programs - for different military branches, you may have an award for each.


We need from you:

1) Pass to your ROTC awards coordinator. Reply with contact info for that person if not you.


2) Reply to say if you will accept our award again, or questions.


3) Details of when/where the awards event will take place - including parking options for a presenter and whatever other details are needed. We will then try to find a member who would attend your event and present the award. We have found a presenter in some cases, but college staff have had to step in occasionally. We are mostly a Philadelphia based group but there are members across the state. If you had a presenter from us in the past, please tell us and maybe they can serve in that capacity again.


4) Provide an address to send medal etc... to. We usually let you hold in case the presenter is unable to attend at the last minute. It unfortunately has happened in the past.


5)  We need to have the name of the cadet, the name of the university or college, and the branch of service.


6) Photograph(s) taken by your people of the award being presented and/or posed after - our presenter (or yours) and cadet for our newsletter and records. Basic info about the cadet for that record.

All E-mailed to us soon after the presentation.


There is no other cost to you for our award, or, if available, a presenter to appear.





For 2014, we had ROTC presenters across the state. Top left, Midshipman 3/C Noelle Davis at the moment of receipt of the Society of the War of 1812 award from Ted Cillo at Carnegie Mellon University. The University of Pittsburgh wrote to tell us Col Bill Boswell “did a wonderful job.”  Top right, he stands with Cadet Lyness after the ceremony.  Above left, Dr. John G. Inman, is with cadet Jesse Zundel after their event at Slippery Rock.  Finally, President Marvin presented to cadet Brian Moon from North Wales at Temple University. The cadets very much appreciated the outside presenters who came to the ceremonies to present their awards, was a common theme in messages of thanks.



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