ROTC Awards

       We are very proud of our ROTC Awards program. We provide an award to deserving cadets serving in Pennsylvania ROTC units for any of the services. And for those colleges with more than one branch of ROTC, we can provide multiple awards.

The ROTC Awards Coordinator in Pennsylvania is Tee Adams. The General Society and other state societies present awards to units in states outside of Pennsylvania.


       The award is a medal & bar ribbon. We also have a certificate available to present. (All the important info for colleges and presenters is on the next page.)


       In addition, a number of our members across the state, volunteer to appear at the awards ceremonies and directly present the awards to the cadet recipients. We are slowly trying to have more personal presentations as we move forward.



Bob Marvin (left) went to Temple University again this year and presented for us. The recipient was Cadet Vicentia Thompson.


And at right, he went to the Palestra, for Penn and Drexel's event. The the awards were presented to MIDN Smith and MIDN Wainwright. (MIDN Keenan photo)

2016 ROTC Awards

The 2016 Awards season is under way. Above, we have our first presentation at Bucknell University on Saturday February 20. One of their staff presented to Sophomore Cadet Connor A. Wagh, Bucknell University

Your awards coordinator, Tee Adams, presented to Cadet Jonathan Prorock at St Joes U on the morning of April 12, 2016.

On Thursday April 21, 2016 Dr Ronald Horner presented the Society of the War of 1812 ROTC award to Cadet Matthew T. Sukanik at the ceremony held at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

At the University of Pittsburgh, they have their awards with the amazing view at right. Their event was on Sat April 2, 2016, at LaMont Restaurant, Mt Washington, PA. Unit commander, Lt Col Carroll, presented our award to Cadet Hunter Bergman.



We added Villanova (above) this year. Their event, on April 19, included a parade of Midshipmen, Drill team, and a change of student command ceremony, so a much bigger deal than most awards events we attend.

(Below) Bill Boswell went to Carnegie Mellon University on April 15, to present our medal to Midshipman 3/C Michael DiBacco. He is is studying Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.


If it's Saturday, April 23, 2016 it must be Widener. Tee Adams, presented to Cadet Nelson, at the 2 pm event. I was also able to present for another of my groups as well.

My last presentation of the season was at Valley Forge on 4/26/16. Our award went to Jennifer Sprengelmeyer.

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