ROTC Awards

       We are very proud of our ROTC Awards program. We provide an award to deserving cadets serving in Pennsylvania ROTC units for any of the services. And for those colleges with more than one branch of ROTC, we can provide multiple awards.

The ROTC Awards Coordinator in Pennsylvania is Tee Adams. The General Society and other state societies present awards to units in states outside of Pennsylvania.


       The award is a medal & bar ribbon. We also have a certificate available to present. (All the important info for colleges and presenters is on the next page.)


       In addition, a number of our members across the state, volunteer to appear at the awards ceremonies and directly present the awards to the cadet recipients. We are slowly trying to have more personal presentations as we move forward.



2018 ROTC Awards

New President Gene Bolt has been busy presenting ROTC Awards this season. Above at University of Pennsylvania, to cadet Ben Stankovic.


Below he presented to Edwin Rodriguez during our church service at Valley Forge Military.

Below, at the Widener University event, Board Member Peter Adams presents 1812 award to Cadet Madeline Alcorn, a Sophomore at Villanova University, who is studying nursing and excels in both academics and ROTC superiority.

Our award went to Cadet Adam Knowlton, at the University of Pittsburgh. Cadet Knowlton is a very fine fellow who was completely surprised and very happy to receive this honor from our Society.

In the Photo are Dr. John G. Inman, Cadet Adam Knowlton, Donald R. Inman.


If it's Tuesday, it must be St Joes. Tee Adams presented to Cadet Adam Smolij at the early morning event - April 24, 2018

Bill Boswell went to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, on April 20, and presented our award to  Midshipman 3/C Kasdan Bakos. MIDN Bakos is majoring in Information Science at Carnegie Mellon University and is at the top of his class in academics, aptitude, and physical fitness.

Former President Robert Marvin attended the event for Drexel University. Here he presents the ROTC Award to Cadet Brook.


At right, LTC Benedict, the Battalion Commander presenting the Society of the

1812 Award to Cadet Austin Gill


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