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Qualifications for Membership

Any male person who is a lineal descendant of one who served during the War of 1812, in the army, navy, revenue-marine or privateer service of the United States, of good moral character and reputation, may become a member of this Society when approved by the Board of Direction of the Society.

If the prospect doesn’t find a lineal descendant of an actual participant, collateral descendants such as the descendants of either a brother or sister of the participant, may be acceptable.

 Membership Fees

The initiation fee for members is currently $30.00 plus a minimum genealogical fee of $100.00. The annual dues shall be $30.00 regardless of residence, in accordance with the motion carried by the board of Direction at the meeting of December 1, 1992. Dues are payable in the early months of the year. “The payment at any time of $625.00 shall entitle the member so paying to a life membership. Life members shall be exempt from the obligation of paying annual dues.”

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For membership, our group works on the theory that members find prospects and guide them toward joining. In some cases our Registrar directly assists a prospect, so individual prospects, reading this should also consider that avenue (see 1A).

1. If interest is shown by a prospect in becoming a member, please procure a Proposal for Membership form (a pre-application) from the Registrar, listed below. Complete the form and return it to the Registrar with your signature as proposer and the signature of another member who is acquainted with the man who is being proposed.

1a. If an individual expresses interest in membership but is not acquainted with any member of the Society, he may contact the Registrar who shall explain the objects of the Society and qualifications for membership. The Registrar shall ask whether the individual has his lineage information in good order. He shall obtain from the individual an unsigned Proposal for Membership form and at least three letters of commendation from trustworthy members of his community, such as clergymen, members of his profession, or current officers of hereditary societies or fraternal organizations in which he is a member in good standing. Those commending the individual must state that they have personal knowledge of him. The Registrar shall bring the commendations before the Board before he sends the individual a Work Sheet. If the commendations are accepted, the President and Secretary shall sign the Proposal for Membership form and, when completed, the application.

2. The Registrar will bring the prospective candidate’s name and the pre-application before the Membership Committee. If the individual is approved as a candidate, the Registrar will proceed to give him the application forms.

3. The proposer should contact the candidate periodically to offer guidance and to ascertain that he is completing the application at a reasonable rate.

4. When the forms are completed the Registrar passes to the Genealogist who checks the work and either accepts the information is correct, or replies back asking for additional information.

Please contact our Registrar by using the contact form.





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