Grave Marking Program

Beginning in 2015, we have been in a program to identify then mark graves or War of 1812 dead in PA. Eugene Bolt and others are looking through state, county and cemetery records looking to create as complete a list as possible. When we have our church service in the spring we are now having a small ceremony to honor the war dead interred there, if possible.

In June we were approached by the president of a US Daughters of 1812 Chapter in Florida. She had found her relative was buried in St David's Church in Radnor PA, and planned to visit and conduct the full US Daughters of 1812 ceremony. (We now have three vets there.) Our color guard was enlisted to help.  Former president, Bob Marvin participated in the flag folding. Tee Adams attended to shoot stills and video. The video of that event is below. Much of that family attended, and we got to meet them at a reception following the outdoor event.


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