2014 - Our Bicentennial Events Photo Galleries

Here, and on the next two pages we have photos of some of our events and parties. This page has events from 2014 as we celebrate the bicentennial of our War.

On September 20, 2014, we gathered at Merion Cricket Club for our Bicentennial Banquet. It was a magical evening, culminating a year of planning and other celebrations.

The above party made it into the Suburban & Main Line Times. See the article - click here.

On the weekend of September 12, 2014, the General Society held a Triennial in Baltimore. It tied in with that state’s celebrations surrounding our national anthem and the Battle at Ft. McHenry. Current President, Bob Marvin, and past President Tom Showler with wives represented us at this grand event. (Margarete Marvin photos)

We host an annual BBQ at Merion Golf. For 2014, the attendance was up into the 40s with members, guests, prospects and children. The US Daughters also had a presence. The BBQ gets great reviews every time we do this. We had our first one inside the Pavilion party space, just completed. It sits on the former tent area. All were happy to be in AC with all the humidity outside.


April 2, 2014 we held a joint speaker evening at Merion Cricket Club. Jeremy Black, renowned Professor of History at Exeter University, Great Britain, spoke to us on “The International Context of the War of 1812, both Military and Political.” See our June 2014 newsletter for more information. This was an excellent lecture.


March 8, 2014 our Annual Meeting was held at the Corinthian Yacht Club. Note the re-emergence of our Color Guard. It was a beautiful day and the light poured through the big windows overlooking the Delaware River.


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