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Two hundred years ago a young nation faced a grave challenge to its hard fought sovereignty. Sailors were taken from its merchant ships and made to serve on British naval vessels. Its new capital, Washington, DC, was invaded by foreign forces and the White House burned. The United States and all the sacrifices of the American Revolution could have been lost. The War of 1812 was not just the war during which our country’s National Anthem was written, but was the conflict that completed the work of the American Revolution.

Welcome to the website of the Society of the War of 1812 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our organization strives to honor the brave soldiers and sailors that served in the Second War for Independence. We perpetuate their memory and their love of the United States of America through education and preservation of documents and memorials about the War. Learn more about the Society and its important purpose by clicking on the menu choices.

While we represent the whole state, we are mainly a Philadelphia based group. We hold regular board meetings culminating with an annual meeting, usually in March. Then there are social and educational events during the year where members and occasional guests gather to share our heritage.


We are pleased to note our annual ROTC awards, and direct you to two pages listed under NEWS. Click for ROTC INFO or ROTC 2016 There you will find details of our award, and pictures of presenters this year and last.

Events Calendar



Sunday, July 16 - Grave marking at The African Episcopal Church of Saint Thomas in Overbrook PA,

with the US Daughters.


Tuesday, September 5 - Board Meeting


September 7-10 GS1812 Triennial is in Plattsburgh,NY

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Tuesday, December 5 - Board Meeting



Saturday, March 10

Annual Meeting


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